Tradable Cryptocurrency is a Gamechanger

Posted on Thursday, 23 September 2021

Tradable Cryptocurrency Tradable cryptocurrency is not what most people think. You see, some cryptocurrency can be exchanged with other cryptocurrency. So, it is possible for some crypto exchanges will let you switch Bitcoin to Ethereum or Dogecoin without first existing to the dollar. The ability to exchange cryptocurrency is nice, but how often is that needed?

Tradable cryptocurrency is a special type of currency. Instead of a “Proof of Work” coin that is earned by participating in a mining process, or a “Proof of Stake” coin that you buy as an investment, the “Proof of Use” coin is intended to be traded as a kind of alternative currency.

TROPTONS is the premier tradable cryptocurrency that is more correctly a “Crypto Asset”. TROPTONS may feel a bit like a “Proof of Stake” coin because they have had steady and super-impressive growth in value. They are transferred over the blockchain network, but you cannot mine TROPTONS.

“Proof of Use” coins are most valuable to complete a trade or exchange for goods and services. TROPTONS is a shortened form for “TRade OPTIONS” which were developed nearly twenty years ago to create a universal, non-cash barter or trade exchange. When understood and adoption, TROPTONS can literally buy anything that regular cash can buy, but no using cash.

The trick is that 99% of all trades are not equal. You can’t trade a nice refrigerator for a sports bicycle. It is vital that there is an exchange medium that can be divided into parts that can be used for other purchases. A TROPTONS was recently worth about $1200. So, the refrigerator is worth $600 (0.5 TROPTONS) and the sport bicycle is worth about $120 (0.10 TROPTONS).

The person with the bicycle can sell the bike for 0.10 TROPTONS, and apply it to the refrigerator for 0.40 TROPTONS.

The person with the refrigerator can sell his item for 0.40 TROPTONS, buy the bicycle for 0.10 TROPTONS, and still have 0.30 TROPTONS in his account.

Each person need not trade directly with the other. In the end, the TROPTONS universe equals things out much like money free flows for all types of transactions.


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