The Superior Crypto Asset TROPTIONS

The Superior Crypto Asset, TROPTIONS

Posted on Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Cryptocurrencies are for techno-geeks, right? Maybe a decade ago, but the crazy idea of digital currency now has more legitimacy than anyone might have guessed.

After all, once computers evolved and replaced typewriters, paper ledgers, and file cabinets; a digital representation of money (digital currency) … just happened! Before we fully understood the ramifications, currency of all types were no longer represented by paper and coins. Money could be represented by a digital accounting. So, how does a paper ledger recording $1000 in your bank account differ from the digital record that you bring up on the bank app on your phone?

As cryptocurrency becomes legitimized by the banks, investment group, and wealthy investors; cash and coins are less useful. How many times do you go through a week without carrying enough cash to carry out the transactions you make throughout the week?

Like it or not, digital currency is the future and cash is becoming a relic of the past. The epitome of digital currency is cryptocurrency, it is now called “The People’s Currency”. This is not a supply that the banks control, though they hope to. However, the trend of the best cryptocurrencies are to operate as “Decentralized Currencies” or “DeFi” that do not allow one company, bank system, or country to control the currency.

In the debate about the best cryptocurrencies, there are arguments on both sides. Many people own a variety of cryptocurrencies. One way to evaluate cryptocurrencies is to look at the underlying assets or finances. Most cryptocurrencies do not have a certain value base. They are predominantly speculative. While there may be some business behind the crypto coin, the coins often far exceed any estimated value of the underlying business value.

Trade options (TROPTIONS) differ from most other crypto coins because they were not primarily designed for the “Buy and Hold” speculation investor. TROPTIONS do not start off with an ICO (initial Coin Offering), and they are not mined by blockchain computers that earn crypto by processing transactions on the blockchain system.

TROPTIONS actually have a value tied to actual trade of goods and service that happen within the system. Millions, and soon billions, of actual trade exchanges are digitally tracked to calculate the value of a TROPTIONS. And, that value has gone up month by month with no sign of slowing down.

This is a sound way to value an business operation. After all, other than the property and equipment, isn’t the greatest value of a business the ongoing business transactions that company posts each week? Thus, one this simple evaluation, TROPTIONS may eventually prove to be one of the best cryptocurrencies that many are just now discovering.


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