The Rise of Digital Currency

The Rise of Digital Currency

Digital Currency In the exploding world of robotics, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and digital currency; this generation is awash with life-changing innovations. It is hard to imagine an era that has experienced such changes other than by a world war. If you think in terms of things that impacted society, the discovery of electricity, the invention of television, or landing on the moon; seem dwarfed by what is happening at lightning speed in this explosion of digital innovations.

Digital currency seems like a natural evolution. Real cash has been reduced to paper ledgers and numbers for centuries. I recall film clips of a large office area with rows of workers punching in numbers and pulling down a handle to calculate the flow of money at the bank or in the corporate accounting office.

Then came the calculator with an LED display. How cool was that? Yet, it seems to be an antique today as a calculator if now just an app on your phone.

Now, cryptocurrency has exploded throughout the semi-normality of our lives like a tidal wave on a crowded beach. We are now left to figure out what just happened and how this changes our lives.

Is cryptocurrency good, or it is a threat to our lives and the world of finance? This digital currency seems a blessing to the individual and a curse to governments and banks. Expect there to be a lot of back-and-forth news stories about the future of cash (fiat money issued by governments) and cryptocurrency (digital money). This is a huge transition that will impact our lives on every level.

Digital money is here, and it is growing in popularity. After El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender in the country, other minor companies, like Ukraine, will follow. The trend will continue, and countries will attempt to regulate cryptocurrency and even issue their own version of digital coins and tokens.

Okay, how does the Average Joe catch up to the crypto train that has already left the station and is already picking up speed? Cryptocurrency has become a Matrix-like universe that is unfathomable in its operation and bigger than we yet know.

Here is how all of us Average Joe’s can master a part of the digital world. Xctra Buyer’s Clubs are groups of consumers and businesses that localize the power of digital currency in their own community. By forming a local group, they start by using the Xctra app to earn digital credits with each purchase that they freely spend in other stores or to make purchases on the Lextra marketplace.

Rather than trying to master the Bitcoin universe, it is possible to master the use of digital money in your community. The benefit is that the use of non-cash credits that allows people to keep more cash in their bank account, and businesses have a loyal following and a default barter system that allow them to pay for goods and services with digital currency. The buyer’s club members also benefit from the use of TROPTIONS that allow anyone to buy and sell with cryptocurrency.

This does not happen in the real world like it does does on the Internet. To bring this better-than-cash system belongs to the techno-community at this time. To make it work for you and your community, we must show others how to trade cryptocurrency and digital money at the local stores and wherever we buy goods and services.




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Carl London

TROPTIONS is a proof of use (p2p) (b2b) or (b2C) Token that is used to buy goods and services worldwide.