Crypto Barter Makes Cryptocurrency Real

Crypto Barter Makes Cryptocurrency Real

Posted on Friday, 24 September 2021

Crypto barter Basically, cryptocurrency is a digital currency. There is no actual coin, even though there are pictures of various types of coin.

There is no bank that holds or transfers your cryptocurrency. Your coins are held in a digital wallet that is locked or unlocked by a unique security code. When you hear the word “DeFi”, it means “Decentralized Finance”. More and more people love the idea of non-bank controlled finances and non-cash assets that are no subject to inflation and government intervention or policies.

As cryptocurrency evolves, there is less trouble exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. And, the latest drive is to to narrow the gap to convert a cryptocurrency to cash. We feel that the importance of converting crypto to cash is not the best endgame for smart cryptocurrency use.

Rather than concerns for eventually “Cashing Out of Cryptocurrency”, it may be more important to stay in cryptocurrency. The learning curve is how to stay in cryptocurrency and learn how many ways these digital coins can be used.

Bitcoin is a investment darling that has greatly rewarded early investors and sometimes punished the late comers. Bitcoin can be exchanged with other tradable cryptos. Third, there are more stores and businesses willing to accept Bitcoin as a form of non-cash payment. Of course, the downside is buying or earning more Bitcoin.

TROPTIONS, a trade asset, may be the best all-round cryptocurrency on the market. The vision was to create a tradable asset that would be integrated into the many ways that currency is used in our society. Rather than viewing TROPTIONS as an investment, consider TROPTIONS for its value in trade or buying power. Buyer’s clubs have started in multiple communities that discover that consumers and businesses can save their cash and pay for goods and services with trade credits/assets.

As an added bonus, TROPTIONS has had nearly twenty years of consistent growth in the underlying value. Those who got in early are now delighted that their values have grown, doubled, and grown some more. As of this September 2021, TROPTIONS have reached over $1700 per coin, and expectations are that this growth is far, far from topped-out.


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TROPTIONS is a proof of use (p2p) Token that is used to buy goods and services worldwide.