Buying Anything with Cryptocurrency

Buying Anything with Cryptocurrency

Money is only as good as what it can buy. In post-war Germany, it was said that it took a wheelbarrow of German Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Due to bad policies and excessive printing of paper money, the currency was actually used as wallpaper. Hyperinflation happens when there is overprinting of money, excessive debt, and a lack of confidence in government policies.

America is pressing ever closer to radical inflation as the dollar sinks lower and lower with each new budget-breaking “Tax and Spend” bill they pass. There is a tipping point where the only solution is to let inflation run its course, tighten money policies, and politicians make excuses and pass the buck elsewhere.

The rise of digital currency may be the hope for financial sanity as governments spend money like drug addicts that can’t resist the temptation to feed the monster they have created. Once off the gold standard in 1971, the Fed could print money without the constraints of holding assets of equivalent value. The government now issues bonds, authorizes trillions in debt, and still spends money far in excess of its income.

Banks, investment firms, the uber-wealthy, and governments are buying up cryptocurrency because they fear strong inflation signals and the further erosion of the U.S. dollar. And more and more average people are funneling money into cryptocurrency.

TROPTIONS may represent one of the most stable crypto assets with a fifteen-year record of steady growth in value.

What makes TROPTIONS unique is the original design to develop an alternate currency that had more underlying value than other cryptocurrencies. Unlike the speculative nature of most cryptocurrencies that feed on hype, celebrity endorsements, and high-touted breakthroughs, TROPTIONS are valued based on the trades or transactions each day. This means that the flow of business, much like a GNP measurement, demonstrates a real, tangible value for this crypto asset.

It gets better. TROPTIONS are currently used in non-cash purchases, payments, and deals right now. Because of the many ways TROPTIONS have been shown to have real value, TROPTIONS owners use TROPTIONS as trade assets to buy nearly anything that dollars can buy.

One important virtue is that anyone accepting TROPTIONS in payment has an asset that has a proven history of value growth in contrast to the declining value of the dollar.

For those who want to learn more about the powerful uses of TROPTIONS, take our online course and discover how many TROPTIONS holders are making more money with TROPTIONS than just watching the index grow over time.



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TROPTIONS is a proof of use (p2p) (b2b) or (b2C) Token that is used to buy goods and services worldwide.

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Carl London

Carl London

TROPTIONS is a proof of use (p2p) (b2b) or (b2C) Token that is used to buy goods and services worldwide.

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